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 Form 4 Acids, Bases and Salts Topical Questions and Answers

The flow chart below show an analysis of a mixture R that contains two salts. Study the analysis and answer the questions that follow.
(a)(i) What condition is necessary for the process in step I to take place.
(ii) Draw a labeled diagram for the set-up that could be used to separate the mixture formed in step II.
(iii) Write an ionic equation for the reaction between the cation in filtrate x and aqueous ammonia.
(iv) What observation would indicate the presence of NO2(g) in step I?
(v) State how water vapour, in step I could be identified.
(i) What conclusion can be drawn from step IV only? Explain.
(ii) Write the formula of an ion present in the residue U. Explain.
(iii) Suggest the identity of the cation present in solution .
(c) Name the two salts present in the mixture R.

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