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 Form 4 Mathematics Paper 1 Exam Revision Questions With Answers

The figure shows a rectangular metal sheet ABCD in which AB = 90 cm and BC = 70 cm. The sheet is 1.8 mm thick and is made of metal whose density is 2.5 g/#cm^3#. A square of side t cm is removed from each corner as shown and the remaining part folded along the dotted line to form an open cuboid.
a) Given that the area of the unshaded part is #A cm^2#, write down an equation for A in terms of t.
b) Calculate to one decimal place the mass of the empty cuboid in kg given that t=5cm.
c) Find the dimensions of the cuboid and hence calculate its capacity in litres.
d) When the cuboid is filled with a liquid whose density is d g/#cm^3#, its mass is found to be 19.6 kg. Find the value of d.

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