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Grade 2 Christian Religious Education Activities End of Term 2 Examination 2021

Class: Grade 2

Subject: CRE Activities

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Grade 2 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary

1. God is our _____(stranger, creator)
2. ________ is the son of God ( Moses, Jesus )
3. A person we do not know is _______ ( friend, stranger )
4. _______was the only person who was obedient and faithful to God ( peter, Noah )
5. The Bible is a _________ book.( story, Holy )
6. _______ gives us light in the day.( moon, sun )
7. _______ created us in his own image.( Mary, satan, God)
8. Who was given us as a gift from God? ______( Joseph, Jesus)
9. Where was Jesus born ?_____( Nazareth, Bethlehem )
10. The day Jesus resurrected from the dead is called?_______(Merry Christmas, Easter Sunday)
11. Jesus changed water into wine at a wedding in _____( church, Canaan)
12. In which form did the Holy Spirit came down?_________( water, fire)
13. We _______to God when we pray.( cry, talk)
14. ________ created the parts of our body.( teacher, God)
15. The Bible is _______as Christians.( guide, toy)
16. We use our _______to sing for God.(nose, mouth)
17. Who called Samuel when sleeping?_______(Eli, God)
18. How many books does the Bible has in total?_______(39, 27, 66)
19. We should share with the _________(poor, rich)
20. God is happy when we_______ him.(disobey, obey)
21. I am fearfully and _______made ( honestly, wonderfully)
22. Who was carried by a chariot to Heaven?(Elisha, Elijah)
23. Which lake was Jesus and his disciples crossing on a boat? ( Victoria, Galilee)
24. Jesus died on the cross because______(he was sick, he loves us)
25. God rested on the ________day ( #6^(th), 5^(th), 7^(th)#)


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