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 Form 2 History and Government: Democracy and Human Rights Online Lessons

Functions of the Kenya National Human Rights and Equality Commission.

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Answer Text:
Functions of the Kenya
National Human Rights and Equality Commission.
a) It has a duty to promote
respect for human rights and
develop a culture of human
rights in the republic.
b) A duty to promote protection and observance of human rights in public and private institutions.
c) It monitors, investigates and reports on the observance of human rights
in all spheres of life in the republic, including observance by the national security organs.
d) It receives and investigates complaints about alleged abuses
of human rights and takes steps to secure appropriate redress where human rights have been violated.
e) It acts as the principal organ of the state in ensuring compliance with obligations under treaties and conventions relating of human rights.
f) It investigates any conduct in state affairs, or any act or omission in public
administration in any sphere of government, which is alleged or suspected to be prejudicial or improper, or to result in any impropriety, or prejudice.
g) It investigates complaints about abuse of power, unfair treatment, manifest injustice or unlawful, oppressive, unfair or unresponsive official conduct.