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 Form 2 History and Government: Democracy and Human Rights Online Lessons

Importance of the Kenyan Bill of Rights

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Answer Text:
The Kenyan Bill of Rights
-This is a statement of human or civil rights in the constitution of Kenya. The Bill of Rights is covered in chapter four of the constitution of Kenya (2010).
Importance of the Kenyan Bill Of Rights.
a) States that every individual has the right to life
b) It guarantees liberty to all citizens by forbidding enslavement, detention without trial etc.
c) It protects the individual from all forms of torture and in human treatment
d) It guarantees the protection of private property and allows Kenyans to own property anywhere in the country.
e) It protects individuals’ freedom of conscience and religion.
f) It guarantees the protection of the freedom of speech and expression
g) It gives Kenyans the right to move freely throughout the country and to reside in any part of the country.