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 Form 3 Physics Newton's laws of motion questions and answers

(a) Two identical spherical steel balls are released from the top of two tall jars containing liquids L1 and L2 respectively.
Figure 3 shows the velocity – time graph of the motion of the balls.
Explain the nature of the curves and state why they are different.
(b) In an experiment to determine the proportionality constant, μ between two wooden surfaces sliding on each other, a block of mass 2.20kg was placed on a horizontal bench. The block was then made to slide by adding mass m on the scale as shown in figure 4. The experiment was repeated for other values of m. the acceleration of the block was measured for each mass added.
The results are shown in table 1.
(i) Name and indicate on figure 4 the forces acting on the 2.20kg mass.
(ii) (I) plot the graph of acceleration, a, against the mass m.

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