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 Form 3 Physics Newton's laws of motion questions and answers

(a) A wooden block resting on horizontal bench is given an initial velocity u so that it slides on the bench for a distance X before it stops. Various
values of X are measured for different values of the initial velocity. Figure 9 shows a graph of #u^2# against x.
(i) Determine the slope S of the graph.
(ii) Determine the value of k, given that #u^2# = 20kd where k is a frictional constant for the surface.
(iii) State with a reason what happens to the value of k when the roughness of the bench surface is reduced.
(b) An object is thrown vertically upwards with an initial velocity of 30 #ms^-1#. Determine its maximum height (acceleration due to gravity g is 10 #ms^-2#)

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