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 Form 2 Chemistry Questions and Answers on Chemical Families

a) Name the method that can be used to obtain pure iron (iii) chloride from a mixture of iron (iii) chloride and sodium chloride b) A student was provide with a mixture of sunflower flour, common salt and a red dye. The characteristic of the three substances in the mixture are given in the table below.
The student was provided with ethanol and other materials needed .Describe below how the student
C) The diagram shows part of a periodic table. The letters do not represent the actual symbols of the element
(i) Explain why the oxidizing power of W is more than that of X
(ii) How do the melting point of R and T compare? Explain.
(iii) Select an element that could be used: (I) In weather balloon (II) for making a cooking pot
(d)(i) Classify the substances water, iodine, diamond and candle wax into elements and compounds
(ii) Give one use of diamond

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