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 Form 2 Geography Lessons on Map Work

In this lesson we are going to discuss the definition of maps and the types of maps

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Answer Text:
Map Work
Map - representation of the whole or part of the earth’s surface drawn to scale.
• Shows outline of objects on the ground
• Drawn as if the drawer was above the ground
• It shows details
• Most of the features are indicated by symbols.
Picture: image of a real object.
• Gives details in their visible shapes and sizes
• Can be inform of free hand, drawing, painting or a photograph
• Not drawn to scale
Plan: outline of something drawn to scale.
• Also drawn as if a person was directly above the ground
• It represents a very small place
• The scale is large to show details e.g. house plan
• Gives specific information
Types of Maps
Classified according to the purpose for which each map is drawn.
Topographical Maps: This shows selected natural physical features on a small portion of a country.
Atlas maps: this is a collection of maps in one volume.
Sketch maps: maps which are roughly drawn.
A good sketch map should have the following characteristics:
1. Neat and clear
2. Title
3. Frame
4. Key
5. Compass direction
Uses of Maps
1. Sketch maps are used to summarize information for easy reference.
2. Used for locating other countries.
3. Used for comparing sizes of countries.
4. For locating climatic regions of different parts of the world.
5. Give information on distribution of geographical phenomena e.g. vegetation on the earth’s surface.
6. Help travelers to find their way.
7. Used to calculate distance of a certain place.
8. Used to locate physical features like landforms