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 Form 2 Geography Online Lessons on Internal Land Forming Processes

Lesson on Significance of Folding To Human Activities/Economic significance

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Answer Text:
Significance of Folding To Human Activities/Economic significance Positive/advantages
1. Fold Mountains are a tourist attraction which brings foreign exchange.
2. Fold Mountains are water catchment areas and sources of rivers.
3. Some fold mountains have valuable mineral deposits such as coal and petroleum.
4. Fold Mountains act as protective barriers during war.
5. Some fold mountains on the path of rain bearing rainfall influence rainfall causing the windward slopes to receive heavier rainfall.
6. Folding can lead to formation of valuable minerals due to metamorphism.
7. Folding brings valuable minerals to the surface making them easily available. Negative/disadvantages
8. Fold Mountains on the path of rain winds cause the leeward slopes to receive less rainfall.
9. Fold Mountains discourage settlement due to cold temperatures and rugged terrain. 10. Folding can lead to burying of minerals.
11. Fold Mountains are a barrier to road and railway where there are no passes and where there are passes they may be covered by snow.
Orographic fog hinders pilot’s visibility.
To Physical Environment
1. Folding can result in submerged coastal zones which are used as harbours.
2. Can lead to metamorphism of rocks changing their original state and making
them more resistant to erosion.
3. Depressions formed by folding turn into wet land important for water purification.
4. Folding leads to faulting and magma may escape through faults leading to Vulcanicity and earth quakes.