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 Form 3 English Paper 1 Revision Questions and Answers

In the recent past, the water bill in your school has gone exceedingly high. The principal has constituted a committee whose mandate is to establish the cause of the problem and how it can be remedied. You have been appointed as the secretary to the committee.
a) Write a report of your research

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Answer Text:
This is the report of the committee that was appointed by the principal to investigate the causes of the exceedingly high water bills that our school receive.
This committee was made up of five people;
The head prefect – Fred Maangi
The boys’ captain – john Nderitu
The girls captain-Mercy Mulwa
The school Matron-Mrs.Nany Chan
The boarding Master- Mr.Daniel Kilunda.
The committee has existed for two weeks since its formation and has worked in cohesion with an aim of submitting a report based on facts and proofs. Investigations on water usage has been carried out for two weeks in the school kitchen, the dining hall and in the dormitories.
The committee has collected the data by carrying out interviews and observations. Both staff and students were involved in the interviews and their responses provided the most information that the committee relied on in writing this report.
It is reported that there are loose taps in the kitchen, girls’ and boys’ dormitories. This has resulted to water leakages that if estimated, can fill up to five buckets in a day. Some students also leave their buckets at the taps when fetching water and leave the water overflowing. Sadly, nobody has ever bothered to take water preservation their responsibility.
Secondly, we observed that the use of water in the dining hall is not regulated. Some students use the water to wash their dusty legs and some even wash their faces in the handwashing sinks.
There is also unnecessary boiling of water that takes place in the kitchen. Water is boiled and goes the whole day without use after which is poured out by the cooks. The utensils are cleaned with approximately gallon of water after every meal which totals to three gallons a day.
From the above findings, the rising water bill is not shocking since water preservation is not being practiced in this school. Much water has been wasted in comparison to that which has been well utilized.
Something must be done to cut the water cost and it all starts at and individual level.
The committee recommend the following to the school;
i) Some fund should be allocated to repair the leaking taps or replace if need be.
ii) Students should use the sinks in the dining hall specifically for hand washing.
iii) Any student found leaving the taps running and buckets over flowing will be asked to
pay double the bill of extra units per month.
iv) The cleaners should consider reducing the amount of water used in washing utensils.
Mercy Mulwa,
For the investigating committee.