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 Form 3 English Paper 1 Revision Questions and Answers

Your class has posted the best mean score in the recently released KCSE Examinations. The principal decides to reward you by sponsoring you for a three day visit to Mombasa. While there, you visit several places of historical and tourist interest. In addition, there are motivational talks that have been organized for you. Show how you would keep a personal record of your visit.

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Answer Text:
February 14th, 2021
I am so excited about my journey to Mombasa. I have longed to go and experience the heat that those who have ever visited the coast have been talking about. I have ever imagined of the view, how the blue ocean appear to touch the azure sky on the horizon. Final, a dream come true!
We have just arrived but am very exhausted. What a journey! I never knew the Kenyan coast is far from Kenya, haaa! The palm trees don’t even appear how they do in the pictures. This view is just breath taking. Let me see what Mombasa has in store for me. Hola Park is such a nice place. I have never imagined seeing such a big turtle. I am scared to even touch it. Where do people get the guts to even stay that close to it? I have to seriously work on my fears if I will have to enjoy my journey to this place.
Swimming has never been my hobby, but here I am, I have to deal with my hydrophobic character and have fun. Yes, swim “the happiness” of our success after four years of toil and sacrifice.
February 15th, 2021
My visit at Fort Jesus is one of my most exciting experience. Assuming the character of a Portuguese Arab hiding in the Cannons ton see any approaching ship is real fun. I guess this was a brilliant idea for a trade minded people, the Arabs. History is just as important as studying sciences because it is real, it is with you and you are taking part in making it happen.
February 16th, 2021.
Today is my last day on the trip and I feel like am not leaving coast any soon. Crazy!
I don’t know how much I can thank the principal for he knew exactly what I needed, someone to motivate on what I want to pursue. A plain is never a guarantee to excellent career path. The motivational talks have challenged me to think outside the box and be open minded about opportunities that come once in life. I can’t deny, I have learnt a lot of new things.
Tomorrow I will travel back. I hope the journey will be shorter since I know what to expect this time.