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 Form 1 Geography Online Lessons on Introduction to Geography

Relationship between Geography and Other Subjects

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Answer Text:
1. Mathematics
Mathematical techniques are used in drawing graphs and pie charts and mathematical formulae are used in geography to calculate distances, areas, population density etc.
2. History
History uses geographical tools like maps, charts and graphs to show where past events took place e.g. the movement of people in the past.
3. Biology
Geography explains the distribution of organisms and factors influencing their distribution on the earth’s surface.
4. Physics
Geography uses physics principles and formulae to calculate and describe aspects such as magnetic field, gravity, vibrations of the earth etc.
5. Chemistry
Geography applies chemistry in studying chemical composition and chemical changes which take place in soils and rocks.
6. Agriculture
Geography studies farming systems, their distribution and factors affecting farming activities.
7. Meteorology
Geography uses meteorological information in the study of weather and in classifying climatic regions and mapping them.
8. Geology
Geography studies rocks.