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Computer Studies Form 4 Opener Term 3 Examination 2019

Class: Form 4

Subject: Computer Studies

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 4 Opener Exams

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Exam Summary

Computer Studies Form 4 Opener Term 3 Examination 2019
This file contains questions and the Marking scheme in it. Below is a preview of the questions

All answers to be written in the space provided (70 MARKS)
1. State any three functions of a computer (3mks)

2. Give two types of storage devices used in a computer giving an example of each. (4mks)

3. Give any three precautionary measures considered to ensure the safety of computers in a computer laboratory (3mks)

4. As regards to communication within a computer network, what do you understand by the following terms: (4mks)
i) Point –to-point
ii) Broadcast

5. Give any two types of data entries that may be input into a worksheet cell (2mks)

6. Give any two function of a system analyst. (2mks)


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