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CRE Form 4 Opener Term 3 Examination 2019

Class: Form 4

Subject: CRE

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 4 Opener Exams

Document Type: Pdf


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Exam Summary

CRE Form 4 Opener Term 3 Examination 2019
This file contains questions and the Marking scheme in it. Below is a preview of the questions

Answer ALL the questions in the answer booklet provided. (80 MARKS)
1. a) Describe in which King David promoted the worship of Yahweh in Israel (8mks)
b) What do Christian learn about God from the call of Prophet Isaiah? (6mks)
c) In what ways do Christians show gratitude to god? (6mks)
2. a) State the teachings of Saint Paul in 1 Corinthians 13 about love (7mks)
b) Identify ways in which the disciples of Jesus demonstrated their live for him. (5mks)
c) Discuss the problems that Church ministers (priests) encounter in their work (8mks)
3. a) Explain four factors which hinder Christians in Kenya from helping the needy. (8mks)
b) Identify seven causes of conflicts between parents and children in Kenya today. (7mks)
c) Give five reasons why Christians in Kenya encouraged young people to seek church Weddings. (5mks)


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