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History and Government Form 4 Opener Term 3 Examination 2019

Class: Form 4

Subject: History and Government

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 4 Opener Exams

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Exam Summary

History and Government Form 4 Opener Term 3 Examination 2019
This file contains questions and the Marking scheme in it. Below is a preview of the questions

Answer all the questions in this section in the answer booklet provided.
1. Give one contribution of archeology to the study of History. (1mk)
2. Give two ways in which the agrarian in Revolution England affected the lives of small scale farmers? (2mks)
3. State two results of the construction of the Suez Canal. (2mks)
4. State one social reason for the coming of Europeans to Africa in the 19th Century. (1mk)
5. Identify the two form of picture writing during the early civilizations (2mks)
6. Give one importance of the Odwira festival in the ancient kingdom of Ashanti (1mk)
7. Identify two peaceful methods which the nationalists used in South Africa in the struggle for Independence (2mks)
8. Give two results of the French assimilation policy in Senegal. (2mks)
9. Name the organ of the United Nations that promotes justice in the world (1mk)
10. Name two English speaking member countries of the economic community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) (2mks)


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