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Form 3 History and Government Paper 2 End of Term 3 Examination 2022

Class: Form 3

Subject: History and Government

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 3 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

SECTION A Answer all questions from this section.(25marks)
1. State the main method used by archaeologists to obtain information on history (1mk)
2. Give one reason why early man moved from forests to settle in grasslands (1mk)
3. State two ways in which poor transport has contributed to food shortages in Africa (2mks)
4. State two roles of the Western Sudan rulers in the Trans-Saharan trade (2mks)
5. Identify the main use of pipeline transport (1mk)
6. Give one way in which the use of internet has promoted learning (1mk)
7. State two factors that facilitated the spread of iron working in pre-colonial Africa (2mks)
8. State two uses of bronze in ancient kingdom of Benin (2mks)
9. State the main contribution of the discovery of chloroform in the field of medicine (1mk)
10. Give two reasons why early urban centers in ancient Egypt developed in the Nile Valley(2mks)
11. State two functions of the Ssaza chiefs among the Baganda in the 19th Century (2mks)
12. Give two ways in which industrial revolution in Europe contributed to the European expansion to Africa (2mks)
13. Identify the main method used by European powers to suppress resisting African communities during the colonial invasion of Africa (1mk)
14. Identify two ways in which SamoriToure’s second empire contributed to his defeat by the French (2mks)
15. Name the British High Commissioner who introduced Indirect rule in Nigeria (1mk)
16. Name the political party that led Ghana to independence in 1957 (1mk)
17. Identify one type on nationalism that developed in South Africa (1mk)
SECTION B(45MKS) (Answer any three questions in this section)
18 a) Name three types of dwellings used by early man in the early Stone Age Period (2mks)
b) Describe the way of life human beings during the Late Stone Age period(12mks)
19 a) State three disadvantages of using barter trade during Trans-Saharan trade (3mks)
b) Explain six ways in which West African communities benefited from Trans-Saharan trade (12mks)
20 a) Give three features of Macadamizedroads(3mks)
b) Explain six ways through which the invention of railway speeded up industrialization in Europe (12mks)
21a) Identify three methods used by European powers to establish their rule in Africa (3mks)
b) Explain six reasons why African resistance against the colonial powers failed (12mks)
SECTION C(30MKS)(Answer any two questions in this section)
22 a) Give three importance of the Odwira festivals among the Asante (3mks)
b) Describe the political organization of the Shona in the 19th Century (12mks)
23 a) State three characteristics of British direct rule in Zimbabwe (3mks)
b) Explain six effects the French policy of Assimilation in West Africa (12mks)
24 a) State three external factors that facilitated the growth of African nationalism (3mks
b) Explain six political challenges faced by nationalists in South Africa in the struggle for majority rule (12mks)


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