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Form 3 Computer Studies Paper 1 End of Term 3 Examination 2021

Class: Form 3

Subject: Computer Studies

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 3 End Term 3 Exams

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PAPER 1 (Theory) 451/1
1. Name the two common types of system units and differentiate them. (2 mks)

2. Define the following characteristics of a computer system. (2 mks)
(i) Versatile

(ii) Reliable

3. State any three types of computer program documentation (3mks)

4. Name any three effects of ICT on health (3mks)

5. List one function of a bridge in computer network (1mk)

6. a) Convert 11110001101112 to its octal equivalent (1mk)

(b) Convert 512.258 to its base 10 equivalent (2mks)

7. With an aid of a diagram, differentiate between selection control structure and iteration control
structure. (4mks)

8. (a) Auki company is in the process of computerizing its services. List four measures that should be put

into consideration to protect the users in their computerized areas. (2mks)

(b) Give two reasons why powder and liquid extinguishers are not recommended unlike gaseous


9. Without proper marketing, a business cannot survive in a competitive environment hence computers are being used in a number of ways to enhance marketing. List any three ways of ensuring this is effected.

10. Describe the following terms as used in computers. (3mks)

(i) Tab Key

(ii) Clicking

11. Control unit is an essential component of the CPU. Describe the functions of the control unit.
(2 mks)

12. (a)Differentiate between buffers and Registers (2 mks)

(b) Speech recognition devices are used to capture natural sound and convert the input into digital
form. State two problems related to speech recognition devices. (2mks)

13. Define Solid-state storage and give two examples. (2 mks)

14. (a) Explain how a pixel affects the resolution of a monitor. (1mark)

(b) List two types of computer output on microform (COM). (2mks)

15. Advantages of using ATM cards


16. (a) Define the following terms as used in programming (2 mks)

i) Source code

ii) Object code

(b) Differentiate between Assembler and Interpreter as used in programming. (2mks)

(c) Identify the type of programming language used in the codes below; (1mk)
(i) 1101 1101 1011 1011
1110 0001 1100 0111
0010 1110 1011 0011

(ii) LDA A, 20 ADD A, 10

(d) Draw a program flowchart that would accept three numbers, find their sum. If the sum is greater than 200, it adds 30 to the sum, otherwise subtract 20 from the sum. The program should then
display the sum. (5mks)

(i) Draw a flow chart for the above pseudo code. (5mks)

17. (a) In order to generate information from data items, a set of processing activities have to be performed on the data items in a specific sequence depending on the desired result. Draw a well labeled
diagram to illustrate data processing cycle. (2mks)

(b) A data entry clerk experiences some common errors when typing. Most of the time, she finds that:

(i) After every calculation, the result is less than the expected number of digits required e.g.345.7896543 the result is given as 345.789.

(ii) Different characters are typed wrongly, for example instead of typing12873457 she types 128734S7.

Identify the two types of errors commonly experienced by the clerk during data processing in (i)
and (ii) above respectively. (2mks)

(c) State two ways a user can ensure data accuracy is maintained during data processing. (2mks)

(d)(i) State three advantages of a computerized filing system as used in data processing. (3mks)

(ii) State two disadvantages of a serial file organization method in computing.

(iii) Differentiate between distributed processing and interactive processing modes; stating one
application area of each. (4marks)

18. (a) Write the following acronyms in full as used in operating systems.

(i) GUI (½ mark)

(ii) WIMP (½ mark)

(b) State three factors considered when choosing an operating system for use in a computer. (3 mks)

(c) An operating system manages and organizes a computer system using the following structures:
File, Folder and Drive. State the meaning of the underlined items respectively. (3mks)

(d) (i) Differentiate between error handling and interrupt handling as used in operating systems.


(ii) State three reasons why most network technicians prefer using command line operating
systems to configure networking equipment. (3mks)

(e) Disk management is one important aspect in secondary storage in computer systems. Explain the
following tools used by an operating system to manage disks in the computer. (3mks)

(i) Formatting

(ii) Partitioning

(iii) Defragmentation

19. (a) Define the following terms as used in networking.

(i) Network

(i) Intranet

(ii) Browser

(b) The World Health Organization is global entity that deals with health issues around the world. It has computer networks linking its regional and continental offices using internet. State two importance of the internet to such organization. (2mks)

(c) Mr. Zuma, the Principal of a school wishes his school to have an internet connection in a bid to improve its service delivery. Mention four internet connectivity requirements that must be present
to enable the connection. (2mks)

(d) Explain the following as used in e-mail:

(i) Inbox (1mk)

(ii) Drafts (1mk)

(e) (i) Failure of information systems is a major concern in the security of data in computing systems.

State two causes of such failure. (2mks)

(ii) Explain the following computer crimes.

(i) Fraud (1mk)

(ii) Industrial espionage (1mk)

(f) Excluding passwords, state two other security control measures used to guard against unauthorized

access to computers in a network. (2mks)

20. (a) Convert the 1010.0112 to decimal equivalent. ( 3mks)

(b) Perform the following number system conversions. (3mks)

(i) 342.258to binary.

(ii) 50310 to hexadecimal (3mks)

(c) (i) Compute the binary arithmetic given below: (3mks)

10111 + 10001 + 101

(ii) Using 8-bit notation, perform the twos complement of 2510 -1510, leaving your answer in
binary. (4mks)


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