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Form 1 Geography End of Term 2 Examination 2022

Class: Form 1

Subject: Geography

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 1 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary

Answer all the questions in this section
1. (a) Give two effects of the revolution of the Earth on its Orbit. (2 marks)
2. (b) The diagram below shows the structure of the Earth. Use it to answer
(ii) State two characteristics of the Earths oceanic crust (sima). (2mks)

3. a) State two conditions necessary for formation of a fog. (2mks)
b) State three factors that determine the amount of solar radiation, which reaches the surface of the earth. (3mks)
questions b (i)

4. a) Explain the relationship between Geography and geology. (2mks) b) State three reasons as to why the shape of the earth is spherical. (3mks)

5 The diagram below depicts the structure of the atmosphere. Study it and answer the
X (1mk)
Y (1mk)
Z (1mk)
(ii) State any two characteristics of layer marked X above. (2mks)
(iii) List three importance of the carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere. (3mks)

6 The diagram below shows a typical example of a local wind in a mountainous region. questions that follow.
a. Name the winds marked X and Y. (2mks)
b. Give two reasons why the area marked B is warmer than the area marked A.

SECTION B: Answer all the questions
7 Use the table below to answer questions (a) and (b)
a. Calculate:
(i) the annual temperature range
(ii) mean annual rainfall
b. (i) Using a scale of 1 cm to represent 10mm of rainfall and 1cm to represent 50C, draw a combined line and bar graph to represent above data. (8mks)
i. Give three advantages of using above method to represent data. (3mks)
ii. Apart from above method, name three other ways of ways you can use to represent data. (3mks)
c. (i) What is primary data? (2mks)
i. State five reasons why statistics are important. (5mks)

8 The diagram below represents the earth on its axis. Use it to answer question (a)
a) i) Name the latitudes marked F and G. (2mks)
ii) What is the angle of inclination of the earth’s axis from its orbit? (1mk)
b) i) What is the meaning of rotation of the earth? (2mks)
c) ii) State two effects of rotation of the earth. (2mks)
iii) Identify the shape of the earth. (1mk)(ii) The time at Conakry (Guinea) 10o W is 10.00am. What is the time at Mogadishu 37oE?
d) Explain five reasons why geography is important. (10mks)
e) (i) State any four evidences that support the shape of the earth. (4mks)

9.(a) (i) Differentiate between a map and a picture. (2mks)
(ii) Apart from sketch maps, name two other types of maps. (2mks)
(iii) State four qualities of a good sketch map. (4mks)
(b) (i) Define the term scale. (2mks)
(ii) State two uses of scales. (2mks)
(iii) Convert a scale of 1cm represents 1km to ratio form. (2mks)
(c) (i) Define the term weather forecasting. (2mks)
(ii) Explain three ways how weather forecasting influence daily activities. (6mks)
(iii) State three reasons why weather data may be inaccurate. (3mks)


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