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 Form 4 Physics electromagnetic induction topical questions and answers

(a) Figure 6 shows a simple generator. The coils are rotated in the anticlockwise direction as shown.
(i) Indicate using an arrow on the figure, the direction of the induced current as the coil passes the position shown.
(ii) State two ways of increasing the magnitude of the induced current in this type of generator.
(iii) On the axis provided, sketch the graph of the induced e.m.f with time.
(iv) The section marked XY is cut off and a diode inserted. On the axis provided, sketch the graph of p.d across the resistor R, against time.
(b) Figure 7 shows pendulum A and pendulum B freely suspended between the poles of identical magnets. Pendulum A is made of thick copper plate while B is made of copper plate with slots. When the two are set to swing, it is observed that A slows down
faster than B. Explain this observation.

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