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 CRE Form 2: Old testament prophesies about the Messiah lessons

Ways through which old testament prophecies about the messiah were fulfilled in the New testament.
1. Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem as foretold by Micah.
2. Jesus was born by a virgin fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy.
3. Jesus was rejected at Nazareth by his own people (L.k 4:16-22). This fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy.
4.Joseph the foster father of Jesus was a descendant of king David L.k 1:26-27, fulfilling Nathan’s prophecy that the messiah would be born from the house of king David.
5.The messiah was betrayed by close friend as foretold by the psalmist prophets.
6.The messiah was a suffering servant, he was falsely accused and sentenced to death fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy.
7.The messiah established an everlasting kingdom by preaching about the kingdom of God which is everlasting. This fulfilled Micah’s prophecy.

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