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 Video questions and answers on rate, ratio, proportion and percentages

Three business partners Abila, Bwire and Chirchir contributed sh 120000,sh 180000 and sh 240000 respectively, to boost their businesses. They agreed to put 20% of the profit accrued back into business and to use 35% of the profits for running the business (official operations).The remainder was to be shared among the business partners in the ratio of their contribution. At the end
of the year, a gross profit of sh 225000 was realised.
a) Calculate the amount:
i) Put back into the business
ii) Used for official operations
b) Calculate the amount of profit each partner got.
c) If the amount put back into the business was added to individual’s shares proportionately to their initial contribution, find the amount of Chirchir’s new shares.

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