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 Form 2 Mathematics Video Questions and Answers on Linear Motion

A particle moving with a velocity of 25 m/s along a North-South straight line passes through a point P at 11.00 am. If the acceleration is 5 m/#s^2# southwards:
(a) Find the velocity of the particle (give direction):
(i) 4 #1/2# seconds after 11.00 am.
(ii) 6 seconds after 11 am.
(iii) 2 seconds before 11 am.
(b) Find the average velocity of the particle:
(i) during the first 10 seconds after 11 am.
(ii) during the first 12 seconds after 11 am.
(c) Use the graphical method to find the distance of the particle from P at 20 seconds past 11.00 am.

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