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 Form 1 Geography Online Lessons on Statistics

In this lesson we are going to learn about the types of statistical data and the nature of statistical data

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Answer Text:
Types of Statistical Data
Primary Data
- First hand or original information from the field e.g.
Mean daily temperature from a weather station
Secondary/Derived Data
- 2nd hand information available in stored sources compiled by other researchers e.g. • Textbooks
• Reference books
• Maps
• Video/audio tapes
• Newspapers
• Magazines
• Census reports
• Slides
• Census reports
Nature of Statistical Data
1. Discrete Data
-Which is given in whole numbers e.g.
16 elephants
1093 tonnes of wheat
2. Continuous Data
- Facts and figures which can take any value e.g.
• Fractions e.g.23 ¼
• Decimals e.g. 6.20 mm
• Values within range e.g. 0-30◦c
3. Grouped Data
- Which is non precise/exact but values range in groups e.g.
Sources of Statistical Data
1. Primary Sources
-People or places which have 1st hand or original information.
The information can be collected by observation, measuring, counting, photographing etc.
• Gives firsthand information
• The information can’t be got from other sources
2. Secondary sources
-Materials in which information collected by others was stored e.g. text books, reference books, etc.