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 Form 4 KCSE Exam Standard History and Government Paper 2 Questions and Answers

State factors that made Pan-Africanism popular in Africa after 1945.

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Answer Text:
-The formation of the trade unions and political movements in Africa as means of calling for African freedom.
-The formation of UNO which recognized and supported equality of all people.
-Ex-world war African soldiers actively supported African nationalists in the call for independence.
-Inspiration from Asian countries, for example, India and Burma that got independence in 1947 and 1948 respectively.
-Ghana got independence in 1957 hence provided an avenue for pan-African meetings within the continent.
-Africans who had been educated in America and Europe returned home to form and support nationalistic movement.
-The facts that almost all Africans faced intimidation rallied them together against the whites.