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 Form 2 Computer Studies Questions and Answers on Spreadsheets

Explain three types of cell referencing techniques.

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Answer Text:
-Cell addressing: this refers to naming the cell in relation to the column name and the row number. By default, the A1 cell addressing style is used.
-Absolute cell referencing: this refers to a particular cell in a formula regardless of its position in the worksheet.
The name of the column and row is preceded by a dollar sign ($), for example, $G$10.
-Relative cell referencing: this is reference to the cell in a formula based on the position of the cell that contains the formula.
-Mixed cell referencing: it is a combination of relative and absolute cell reference.
Examples =$H18. H is absolute while 18 is relative.
-Named cell referencing: it is creating descriptive names in a worksheet to represent range of cells. For example, the name TOTALS can be used to refer to cells A1:D1.