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 Form 4 Mathematics Paper 2 Section 2 Exam Questions and Answers

A farmer has at least 50 acres of land on which he plans to plant potatoes and cabbages. Each acre of potatoes requires 6 men and each acre of cabbages requires 2 men. The farmer has 240 men available and he must plant at least 10 acres
of potatoes. The profit on potatoes is Ksh. 1000 per acre and on cabbages is Ksh. 1200 per acre. If he plants x acres of potatoes and y acres of cabbages:
(a) Write down three inequalities in x and y to describe this information.
(b) Represent these inequalities graphically.
(c) Use your graph to determine the number of acres for each crop which will give maximum profit and hence find the maximum profit.

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