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Grade 5 End of Term 2 C.R.E Activities Exams 2021

Class: Grade 5

Subject: CRE

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Grade 5 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary

TERM 2 2021


1. Why are we a special creation before God? (2 marks)

2. Tell whether its good thought or bad thought.

a. Kositany likes helping the poor (1 mark)

b. While at break time, Tina sees his friend’s apple and steals it unknowingly. What thought did Tina have? (1 marks)

3. Name 3 use of bible in the society . (2 marks)

4. give a reason why Jesus was killed (2marks)

5. Who led the Israelites to the Promised Land

6. a) At Kanyabol primary school, as the children are playing during break time, Onyango gets angry at his friend and decides to fight him. What kind of choice did Onyango make?

b) Name 3 effects of the choice that Onyango Made in fighting his friend(3 marks)

7. In the Garden of Eden God gave Adam and Eve responsibilities. What were they to do in the Garden of Eden? (2 marks)

8. Christine is a Grade 5 learner at BONDE primary school. She goes to school two days a week and the remaining 3 days he goes to a nearby quarry to work. This is called child (1 mark)

9. Name 3 things that might have forced Christine to work in a quarry (3 marks)

10. List 2 effects of Christine work at the quarry (2 marks)

11. What was the name of the Tax collector? (1 mark)

12. The story of the Tax collector teaches us about? (2 marks)

13. Give the initial names of the two patriarchs below (2 marks)
a. Sarah
b. Abraham

14. Who announced the birth of Jesus Christ? (1 mark)

15. Jesus Christ Healed a man with a blind eye. This shows that Jesus had power over?
(1 mark)

16. Jesus Christ raised the widows’ only son. This showed that Jesus had power over?
(1 mark)

17. The parable of the lost coin Teaches us to always show __________ to sinners. (1 mark)

18. Apart from the parable of lost coin. Mention 3 other parables that Jesus Christ taught. (3 marks)

19. Our body is the temple of the Holy spirit. We should therefore be ________________ (1 mark)

20. Honor you father and mother that your days maybe long on earth are commandment number? (2 marks)

21. Name two disciples of Jesus Christ during the early Church. (2 marks)

22. While using the digital devices, Fatuma on his desk watches pornography on social media on her tablet. How would you advise Fatuma on use the social medial well. (2 marks)


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