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English Form 3 Opener Term 1 Examination 2020

Class: Form 3

Subject: English

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 3 Opener Exams

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Exam Summary

English Form 3 Opener Term 1 Examination 2020
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Question 1
Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.(20 mks)
Terrorism is a real and urgent threat to nations and their interests a threat that could become perilous if terrorists acquire nuclear or biological weapons. The policies pursued by the bush administration have too often been counterproductive and self-defeating. In the name of an ‘offensive’ strategy, they have undermined the values and principles that made the United States a model for the world, dismayed cooperative nations around the world and jeopardize their cooperation with us, and provided ammunition for terrorist recruitment in the Middle East and beyond. To achieve our long-term objective we must go beyond narrow counterterrorism policies to embed counterterrorism in an overarching national security strategy designed to restore American leadership and respect in the world. This leadership must be based on a strong commitment to our values and to building the structures of international cooperation that are needed to only fight terrorists, but also to meet key challenges of our time: proliferation; climate change and energy security; the danger of pandemic disease; and the need to sustain a vibrant global economy that lifts the lives of people everywhere. We have to demonstrate that the model of liberty and tolerance embodied by the United States, are the enemy of these universal ambitions. We must pursue an integrated set of policies- on non-proliferation, energy and climate, global public health and economic development- which reflect recognition that in an independent world, the
American people can be safe and prosperous only if others too share in these blessings. Our policies must demonstrate a respect for differences of history, culture and tradition, while remaining true to the principles of liberty embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This kind of enlightened self interest led others to rally to American leadership in the Cold War and offers the best hope for sustaining our leadership in the future. The world is filled with terrorist organizations. While the State Departments list of designated groups includes almost four dozen, numerous well known ones are still omitted because of issues related to designation process.
Yet to many organizations, only one subset currently poses a serious and sustained threat to the United States and its allies: the Sunni jihadist organization known by the shorthand ‘al Qaeda’ The group merits this special status because it is the only terrorist organization with the ambition and the capability to inflict genuinely catastrophic damage, which can provisionally be defined as attacks that claim causalities in the four digits or higher. The group is also unique in that it may eventually be able to carry out a campaign of repeated attacks that would have a paralyzing effect on American life and its institutions. Its ability to foil fundamental U.S. strategic goals-as it did in Iraq and as it threatens to do together with the Taliban in Afghanistan-has been amply demonstrated. As the turmoil in Pakistan has demonstrated, its capacity for upsetting the geopolitics of major regions of the world today is also unrivalled among non-state actors. The evidence provided by September 11, 2001 is sufficient to demonstrate the groups’ capability and its determination. Unlike most terrorist, it eschews incremental gains and seeks no part of a negotiation process; it seeks to achieve its primary ends, including mobilization of a large number of Muslims, through violence


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