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Form 3 Mathematics Mid Term 1 Examination 2023

Class: Form 3

Subject: Mathematics

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 3 Mid Term Exams

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Exam Summary

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Section 1: Answer all questions in this section
1. Solve for x: 2 x-3 x 8x2+2=128 (3mks)

2. Five shirts and four pairs of trousers cost a total of sh 6160. Three similar shirts and a pair of trousers cost sh 2800. Find the cost of four shirts and a pair of trousers. (4mks)

3. Solve the equation 6X2-13x+6=0 . Using the completing the square method. (3mks)

4. The length of an arc of a circle is 1/5 of its circumference. If the area of the circle is 346.5cm2. find the:
(a) The angle subtended by the arc at the centre of the circle. (2mks

(b) Area of the sector enclosed by this arc. (2mks)

5. Use logarithms to evaluate

6. A perpendicular line is drawn from a point (1,2) to the line 3y+2x+1=0. Find the equation of the perpendicular in the form ay+bx+c=0 (3mks)

7. Solve the equation of Oo< x <360o (3mks)
Sin (2x)=0.8860

8. The sum of the ages of three sisters Rhoda, Tabitha and Sally is 39. Years. Sally is twice as old as Tabitha and one and half times as old as Rhoda. Determine their ages. (3mks)

9. The length and breadth of a rectangular card were measured to the nearest millimeter and found to be 14.5cm and 10.6cm respectively. Find the percentage error in its area. (3mks)

10. Evaluate without using tables.
Log (3x+8) – 3 log 2= log(x-4) (3mks)

11. Given that sin x = 0.8 and x is an acute angle. Find tan x without using mathematical tables or a calculator. (3mks)

12. The size of an interior angle of a regular polygon is 3xo while the exterior angle is (x-20)o. Find the number of sides of the polygon. (3mks)

13. Wanjiru, Atieno and Jeptoo shared the profits of their business in the ratio 3:7:9 respectively. If Atieno received sh 60,000. Find how much the business realized. (3mks)

14. The volumes of two similar solid cylinders are 4752cm3 and 1408cm3. If the area of the curved surface of the smaller cylinder is 352cm2. Find the curved surface area of the larger cylinder. (3mks)

15. A classroom measures (x+2)m by (x-5)m. If the area of the classroom is 60m2. Find its dimensions. (3mks)

16. Find the value of m and n given that (2mks)


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