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Form 3 Chemistry Mid Term 1 Examination 2023

Class: Form 3

Subject: Chemistry

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 3 Mid Term Exams

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Exam Summary

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Answer all the questions in the spaces provided.
1. What is the temperature on the Kelvin scale for each of the following? (3 marks)
(a) 100oC –

(b) -100oC –

(c) 22oC –

2. State any three differences between luminous and non-luminous flame. (3 marks)
3. The table below shows liquids that are miscible and those that are immiscible.
(i) Name the method that can be used to separate L1 and L3 from a mixture of the two.
(1 mk)

(ii) Describe how a mixture of L2 and L4 can be separated. (2 mks)

4. A gas occupies 450cm3 of 27oC. What volume would the gas occupy at 177oC if its
pressure remains constant? (3 mks)

5. The electron arrangement of ions X+3 and Y2- are 2.8 and 2.8.8
(a) Write the electronic arrangement of the elements X and Y. (2 mks)
X –
Y –

(b) Write the formula of the compound that would be formed between X and Y.(1 mk)

6. Explain why there is general increase in the first ionization energies of the elements in
period 3 of the periodic table from left to right. (2 mks)

7. How would you obtain a sample of pure iodine from a mixture of iodine and lead sulphate?

8. (a) State Gay Lussacs law. (1 mk)

(b) 10cm3 of a gaseous hydrocarbon (C2Hx) required 30cm3 of oxygen for complete
combustion. If 20cm3 steam and 20cm3 of carbon (iv) oxide were produced, what
is the value of X. (3 mks)

9. Explain how conduction of electricity take place in the following: (2 mks)
(a) Iron metal –

(b) Molten lead (II) iodide –
10. Study the set up below and answer the questions that follow.
(a) What observation would be made in the tube? (1 mk)

(b) Indicate with a cross (x) on the diagram the likely position where observations
stated in (a) above would be made. (1 mk)

11. An organic compound had the following composition 37.21% carbon, 7.75% hydrogen
and the rest chorine. Determine the molecular formula of the compound given that the
molecular mass of the compound is 65 (C = 12, H = 1), Cl = 35.5) (5 mks)

12. Write an ionic equation for the reaction between an aqeous solution of Sodium hydroxide
and dilute hydrochloric acid. (3 mks)


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