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 Contacts Between East Africa and the Outside World Upto the 19th Century lessons

The coming of the Portuguese to East African Countries

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Answer Text:
The coming of the Portuguese:
-Since the 10th century Arabian influence along the coast had been strong. Most of the port towns along the East African coast had been built by Arab
Sultans, who brought the Muslim religion to the coastal people.
-The Portuguese explorer and soldier, Vasco da Gama, was the first European to make contact with the people of the East African Coast. He had
been paid by the King of
-Portugal to find a sea route to India.
The Portuguese at the East African coast 1500 – 1700 A.D:
-The Portuguese were the first Europeans to have contacts with the people of the East African Coast. They invaded the east African coast in 1498 at a time when the Ottoman Empire occupied most of the Middle East thus blocking the overland route to -India from Europe.
-They were adventurous and in search for the sea route to
-This led them to the East African Coast where they stayed for 200 years.