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 Form 1 Business Studies online lessons on entrepreneurship

Characteristics of an entrepreneur

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Answer Text:
Characteristics of an entrepreneur
A good entrepreneur should have the following characteristics:
-Desire to achieve-An entrepreneur is a person who wishes to excel and has the drive to succeed .
-Ability to solve problems-An entrepreneur is expected to struggle with determination to get solutions even under difficult situation so that the business can succeed.
-Risk taker-Entrepreneurs take viable business ventures even when they are not sure of the returns.
-Initiative –An entrepreneur should be aggressive in implementing ideas well ahead of other businesses so that he/she can be ahead of them.
-Goal-oriented-Entrepreneurs are achievers who work towards set goals. They continually monitor progress to determine whether they are achieving the goals they have set and where improvements need to be made.
-Decisive-Entrepreneurs have strong problem, solving and decision making skills.
-Persuasive-Convincing people to believe in their ideas and buy their products keeps entrepreneurs in business