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 Form 4 Physics Photoelectric effect online video lessons

Definition of work function and Threshold frequency

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Answer Text:
Work function
-A minimum amount of work is needed to remove an electron from its energy level so as to overcome the forces binding it to the surface. This work is known as the work function with units of electron volts (eV). One electron volt is the work done when one electron is transferred between points with a
potential difference of one volt; that is,
1 eV = 1 electron × 1 volt
1 eV =# 1.6 × 10^-19 #X 1 volt
1 eV = #1.6× 10^-19# Joules (J)
Threshold frequency:
-This is the minimumfrequency of the radiationthat will cause a photoelectriceffect on a certain surface.
-The higher the work function,the higher the threshold frequency.