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 Chemistry Form 3 Sulphur and its Compounds Questions and Answers

Acidified potassiummanganite(VII)solution is decolourised when sulphur(VI) oxide is bubbled through it. The equation for the reaction is given below.
#2H_2O(l) + 5SO_2(g) +2KMnO_4(aq)rightarrow K_2SO_4(aq) +2MnSO_4(aq) +2H_2SO_4(aq)#
(a) Which reactant is oxidized? Explain.
(b) Other than the manufacture of sulphuric (IV) acid, state one other use of sulphur (IV) oxide.

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Answer Text:
(a) Sulphur (IV) oxide is oxidized. This is because oxidation state of sulphur increases from +4 to +6.
(b) It is used as a food preservative.