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 Chemistry Form 3 Sulphur and its Compounds Questions and Answers

The set up below was used to prepare a gas and study some of its properties. Study it and answer the questions
that follow:
(a) State and explain the observations made in the:
(i) Tube labeled A;
(ii) Beaker labeled B
(b) State one precaution that should be taken when carrying out this experiment.

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Answer Text:
(a)(i)-black precipitates are formed
(ii)-hydrogen sulphide reacts with lead(II) ethanoate to form insoluble lead (II) sulphide which is black.
-Solution in B turns red.
-Hydrogen sulphide burns in air to form sulphur (IV) oxide which dissolves in water to form acidic solution.
(b) The experiment should be done in afume chamber since hydrogen sulphide is poisonous.