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 Form 4 Chemistry: Organic Chemistry II Online Lessons

What are the uses of uses of ethanol?

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Answer Text:
Uses of ethanol
1. Used as solvents; in the preparation of drugs, perfumes, liquors, vanish and paints.
2. Source of fuel e.g ethanol when blended with gasoline to form gasohol.
- Addition of ethanol to petrol improves the antiknock propertied of petrol, due to its low ignition point;
- The alkanol also absorbs any traces of moisture that may enter and damage the petrol system;
- Alkanols also ignite on their own to liberate heat;
#CH_3CH_2OH(l) + 3O_2(g) to 2CO_2(g) + 3H_2O(l) ΔH = - 1368KjMol^(-)#
3. Starting material for the manufacture of polyvinyl chloride (P.V.C)
4. Ethanol is used as a disinfectant (antiseptic) at special concentrations e.g for cleaning tissues and surgical equipments during operations and in dressing wounds;
5. Manufacture of alkanoic acids e.g ethanoic acid
6. Ethanol is used as thermometer liquid for measuring low temperatures;
7. Manufacture of alcoholic drinks
8. Large amounts of methanol are used in the manufacture of formaldehyde a chemical used in preservation of corpses;
9. They are used as antifreeze mixtures in car radiators e.g a mixture of ethanol and water freezes at lower temperatures that pure water;
10. Manufacture of esters to giver fruity flavourings for confectionery and drinks;