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 Form 4 Chemistry: Organic Chemistry II Online Lessons

Primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols with examples

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Answer Text:
Primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols.
Primary alcohols:
- Are alcohols in which the OH group is attached to a carbon atom to which 2 hydrogen atoms are attached;
- Thus they contain a – #CH_2OH# group;
- Secondary alcohols
- Are alcohols in whichthe hydroxyl group isattached to the carbonatom to which only one other hydrogen atom is attached;
- The carbon atom with the OH group is thus bonded to two carbon atoms;
- They contain a CHOH group;
Tertiary alcohols
The hydroxyl group are attached to a carbon atom with no hydrogen atoms attached The carbon atom with the OH group is bonded to 3 other carbon atoms; hence sorrounded by the methyl groups;
- Tertiary alcohols thus a contain a – COH group;