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 Form 3 Nitrogen and Its Compounds Questions and Answers

In the laboratory small quantities of nitric (V) acid can be generated using the following set up. Study it and answer the questions that follow
(a) (i)Give the name of substance R
(ii)Name one other substance that can be used in place of sodium nitrate
(iii)What is the purpose of using tap water in the setup above
(b)Explain the following
(i)Its not advisable to use a stopper made of rubber in the setup
(ii) The reaction between copper metal with 50% nitric (V) acid in an open test tube produces brown fumes
(c)(i)Nitrogen is one of the reactants used in the production of ammonia name two sources of the other reactants
(ii) A factory uses nitric v acid and ammonia gas in the preparation of a fertilizer.if the daily production of the
fertilizer is 4800kg; calculate the mass of ammonia gas used in kg. (N=14,O=16,H=1)
(iii) State two other uses of nitric (V) acid other than the production of fertilizers

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