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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on trade

The achievements and objectives of the European Union (EU)

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Answer Text:
The European Union (EU)
- An organization of European countries dedicated to increasing economic integration and cooperation among members.
- It was formerly inaugurated in 1993 and has headquarters in Brussels in Belgium.
- It has 25 member states with several other countries on the application list, e.g. Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Denmark, etc.
Objectives of EU.
(a) Promote cooperation in economic, trade, social, security and judicial matters.
(b) Implementation of economic and monetary union.
Achievements of EU.
(a) Signing of many trade agreements between EC and other countries.
(b) Free trade among members as a result of abolishing trade barriers.
(c) High agricultural production as farmers receive guaranteed prices which have enabled them to increase efficiency.
(d) Free movement of factors of production which include capital and labour.