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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on trade

The Future of International Trade in Kenya

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Answer Text:
The Future of International Trade in Kenya.
- The future of it is bright because of the following:
1. Kenya has signed trade agreements with various countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa.
2. It’s a member of COMESA which has increased the volume of regional trade.
3. There is revival of E.A.C. which has also increased the volume of regional trade.
4. Peace agreement between Sudanese government and S.P.L.A. has also led to increase in regional trade.
5. Kenya is exploring markets in the Far East countries.
6. Kenya has trade attaches abroad who help promote Kenyan goods there.
7. She has trade organizations such as Kenya External Trade Authority (K.E.T.A.), which carries research on factors which have limited access to top markets in U.S.A. and Japan and Kenya Bureau of Standards which ensures quality of goods is maintained by the manufacturers.