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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on communication

The meaning and examples of print media

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Answer Text:
Print media.
- This refers to all that is printed or written down and published. For example, journals, books, newspapers, magazines etc.
- It is an unbound publication produced at regular intervals and
devoted primarily to current events and advertisements.
- Before printing was invented, the oldest newspaper, The Siloam Inscription (a stone on which news were recorded), was in circulation among the people of Mesopotamia at around 700 BC.
- The Chinese court journal, Tsing Pao, published in Peking in AD 500 was another early form of newspaper.
- These are publications released at regular intervals and containing news, feature articles, poems, fictional stories etc.
- They also contain photographs and drawings.
- Periodicals aimed at general audience are called magazines.
- Periodicals differ from newspapers in that whereas newspapers deal with sometimes daily news and are unbound, periodicals like magazines
and journals focus on more specialized material and deal with news in form of summaries or commentaries.