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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on communication

The impact of telecommunications as a means of communication today

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Answer Text:
The impact of telecommunications today.
(a) Telecommunication has revolutionized communication through enabling faster and easier communication between individuals.
(b) Telecommunication has enhanced information management e.g. the
use of computers for information storage and processing and the internet in communication.
(c) Telecommunication devices are also sources of entertainment. Radios and television broadcast music and movies to entertain people.
(d) Telecommunication systems like television bring reality to the viewers by transmitting live pictures.
(e) Telecommunication devices enhance cultural exchange and understanding through showing programmes from other countries.
(f) Telecommunication systems have promoted water and air transport. Ships at sea and airplanes use these devices to send signals to guide captains and pilots.
(g) Telecommunication systems have made world trade and businesses more effective and efficient.