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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on communication

Examples of Internet related services

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Answer Text:
Internet related services.
(a) Electronic Mail (E-mail).
- This kind of communication is also reliant on internet.
- The communication is done using either computer or mobile phones with the help of a modem.
- E-mails first came into widespread use in 1990s and has today become a major contributor to business development.
- It has taken the lead ahead of telephone, fax, radio and television in communication.
(b) Facsimile trans-receiver (fax).
- This is a method of transmitting text over telephone network.
- A written, printed or pictorial document is scanned then sent and reproduced photographically at the destination.
- The message /picture is transmitted within 30 seconds.
(c) Telex.
- This is system of direct dial tele-printer which uses a keyboard to transmit typed text over telephone lines to similar terminals.