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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on communication

Use and importance of using Television as a means of communication

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Answer Text:
- This is a public broadcasting medium that uses a point to multipoint technology to broadcast to any use within the range of the transmitter.
- In 1855, the idea of a television was perceived but only came into use in 1922 when a Scot, Loggie Baird, showed how
moving images could be transmitted by electromagnetic waves.
- In 1931, the cathode ray tube (CRT) was invented in USA. The CRT transforms beams of electrons into visible images on the screen.
- Its importance can be summarized as follows;
(a) It conveys news and information from all over the world more vividly than other means of communication such as radio.
(b) It is a source of entertainment as it shows music and drama programmes.
(c) It is a device that may be used in educational broadcasting. Some educational programmes are broadcast on television.
(d) It is used in commercial advertisement by manufacturers and companies thus enabling them to sell their products.
(e) It is the best means of transmitting ideas since it commands attention.
(f) It is a source of employment in the television stations.