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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on communication

The use of written messages in communication.

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Answer Text:
The use of written messages in communication.
- The oldest record of writing date back to about 5000years.
- Different communities use different symbols and alphabets to write messages.
- The messages were recorded on scrolls, stone
tablets parchment (dried animal skin) or paper.
- The earliest forms of wring were pictographic and ideographic.
- Examples of these were the cuneiform of Sumerians and Hieroglyphics of the Egyptians.
Cuneiform Writing
“Wedge-Shaped” Writing
- Scrolls are rolls of paper which were rolled around rods of wood or ivory for writing on.
- They were commonly used among the Egyptians, Romans, Asians, Jews, Greek, Hebrews, Chinese and Japanese.
Stone Tablets.
- The Sumerians wrote on clay tablets.
- Writing was done on wet clay which, after drying, hardened like a stone and left a permanent impression.
- For example, Hammurabi the law giver wrote his laws on stone pillars for all to read and obey.
- The Ten Commandments were also written on stone tablets.