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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on communication

Use and Advantages of drumbeating in communication

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Answer Text:
Use of Drumbeats.
- In drumbeating as a means of communication, each beat was coded for relaying different messages.
- For example there were different beats for ceremonies, announcing funerals, meetings, declaration of war, arrival
of strangers and impending attack.
Advantages of drumbeating.
(a) Drumbeats could relay a wide range of messages-different beats could convey different messages. E.g. death, danger, festivities.
(b) In most cases, drum beating could be used at any time both day and night whereas smoke signals could only be used during the day.
(c) Drum beats relayed specific messages whereas smoke relayed general messages.
(d) Drum beats could be used all seasons whereas smoke signals could not be used during certain seasons e.g. when it is raining.
(e) Drumbeats could convey messages over wide areas.
(f) Messages by drumbeat were conveyed faster compared to smoke signals.