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 Form 1 Mathematics online lessons on algebraic expressions

Introduction to algebraic expressions

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Answer Text:
Introduction to algebraic expressions:
-An algebraic expression is an expression which involves variables and operations.
-The variables are indicated using alphabetical letters.
-The numbers before the letters are known as the co-efficient.
-The numbers which stands on their own without the variables in the expression are known as constants.
-Each part of an Expression which is separated from the others by an operation is called a term.
-Like terms are the terms in the expression which have the same letters and same power of the letters.

Example 1.
An electrician charges sh 450 per hour and spends sh 200 a day on gasoline. Write an algebraic expression to represent his earnings for one day.

Example 2.
Write each phrase as an algebraic expression.
i).Nine increased by a number r
ii).Fourteen decreased by a number x
iii).Six less than a number t.
iv).The product of 5 and a number n.
v).Thirty-two divided by a number y.