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 Form 3 History: European Invasion and the Process of Colonization of Africa

Role of religion in the organization of the Shona –Ndebele resistance

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Answer Text:
Role of religion in the organization of the Shona –Ndebele resistance.
a) Religion united the Shona and Ndebele who had hitherto been bitter rivals. / The two communities entered a common plan of action.
b) It boosted and sustained the morale of the masses and gave them spiritual strength to fight a might force.
c) Religion was used as a base of mass action. It provided the resistance with a common ideology. much of the ideology used was derived from Umlugulu, the chief priest of the Ndebele Nyamanda, Lobengula’s eldest son and Mlimo , the medium of Mwari Cult
d) Religious leaders provided leadership to the war against white aggressors
who were considered immoral and brutal.
e) The Mwari Cult provided an important organization link between the Ndebele and shona since it was widespread.
f) The most important representatives of the Mwari Cult were Mkwati and Singinyamatse who were the backbone of the spiritual unity of the Ndebele.