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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on the family

Traditional african and christian response to leadership style as a family problem

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Answer Text:
Traditional African and Christian response to leadership style as a family problem:
-God’s leadership is important for the existence and continuity of a family. However there are different styles of leadership in families.
- Some parents are autocratic and unreasonable while others are liberal.
-In autocratic homes children have no say and are not allowed any freedom or allowed to associate with others.
-It is observed that children from such backgrounds become aggressive and hostile to other children.
- As they mature into adolescence, they may become rebellious and deliberately frustrate their parents.
-Some of these children may become irresponsible because they have not been given a chance to grow and make decisions on their own.
- In liberal homes children are given too much freedom.
-None of these styles of leadership is good.
-A good home is where the parents bring up their children in love and in fear and knowledge of God.
- In traditional African communities, it is the responsibility and duty of individual parents and the community to bring up children.
- Guidance and counselling and relevant teaching is given to children as they graduate from one stage to another.
-The community has a strict code of conduct, which is followed by all people.
-Deviants are severely punished.
-The communal responsibility ensures that parents bring up their children as expected.
-Any child who misbehaves is disciplined or punished on the spot by an adult present.
-The Bible teaches parents to bring up and discipline their children in love.
-Children are advised to obey and respect their parents.
- In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, he taught parents not to: “Treat your children in such a way as to make them angry.
- Instead bring them up with Christian discipline and instruction” (Ephesians 6:4).